Recipe: Pear-spinach-peach toddler yogurt

DIY Toddler YogurtMy toddler would eat nothing but yogurt all day long if I let him. Well, interspersed with some fresh berries of course. Recently, our grocery store had a serious shortage of our favorite organic toddler yogurt though. [Insert Cold War-era panic alarm here.]

It was tough times.

It turns out Stonyfield was coming out with all new flavors, and our grocery store was clearing out the old flavors (no more sweet potato-apple yogurt?!? Good thing I have a copycat recipe here).

For about two weeks, all they had were these new yogurt pouches. My toddler has pretty much moved past the pouch phase (waaaaaah!), but the kid needs his yogurt. So I got these Stonyfield pear-mango-spinach ones (I mean, anywhere I can squeeze greens into this kid’s diet!) to try out. And then these strawberry-beet-berry ones, which he went gaga over. Now he even says “pouch.”

Am I hurt that it wasn’t my months of homemade pouches that made the kid burst with pouch love? A little.

He's cute, but not the best helper!

Such a good thief helper.

Never to be outdone, or charged an arm and a leg for what is essentially 4 ounces of curdled milk and a teaspoon of purée, I set out to copycat it up.

Except I was out of mango.

So what goes with pears and spinach? Peaches that are beginning to look like they’re on their last legs, of course! To make this a true copycat recipe, simply replace the peach with a small ripe mango. Easy breezy.

toddler yogurt pouch

Toddler approved!

A few recipe notes: thanks to the pear in this recipe, it comes out pretty watery. I added a half banana to thicken it up a bit, but you could definitely taste it. You can add some ground oats or rice cereal to thicken it, maybe a tablespoon. A thicker yogurt, like Greek yogurt, would probably work best. I have a hard time finding it in an organic whole milk plain variety, which is my preference for toddlers under 2. After 2, you can switch to low fat.

Oh, and because I was using a big 32 oz container of yogurt, this made a LOT of pouches. About 8-10 pouches. If that’s too many for you (hello, freezer!), you can half the amount of yogurt without really affecting the taste very much.

Also, I started out in my Cuisinart food processor, but since the Nutribullet and BlendTec have entered our lives (mine and my husband’s Christmas presents, respectively), I’ve come to like the food processor less and less. I transferred the yogurt blend to the BlendTec once I saw the spinach was merely finely chopped and not blended.

Cuisinart vs BlendTec

I’d call it a Cuisinart vs. BlendTec showdown, but it wasn’t much of a competition…

By the bye, if you don’t have a Nutribullet, I highly recommend one. I make pancake and waffle batter from scratch in it in a matter of minutes, pour it straight from the blend cup onto the skillet, and there’s only two pieces to wash (or in my case, rinse and toss into the dishwasher). I also use it for smoothies and green juice, and all of my baby food purées. It’s ridiculously awesome, and only about $90. (There’s a Baby Bullet that’s quite popular on baby registries, but really why wouldn’t you want something that has the capacity to make other stuff too?)

Next up, I’m totally going to tackle that berry-beet yogurt!

homemade baby yogurt


1 cup packed fresh spinach

1 ripe pear

1 ripe peach

32 oz organic plain or vanilla yogurt (whole milk for toddlers under age 2)

1/2 banana (optional)


Wash, peel and segment pear and peach. Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender and blend until smooth.

Homemade Yogurt Pouches

Just pour straight from your blender into the Infantino Squeeze pouches if you’re using them!


Keeps refrigerated for 24-48 hours; frozen for 3-6 months. Freezing in the pouches has not affected the consistency or flavor of any yogurt blends I’ve made so far. Thaw from frozen by either tossing in your diaper bag or running in hot water. Discard any bloated bags (bloat = bacteria!).

*What are these cool pouches I use? They are the pouches from Infantino’s Fresh Squeezed line. Check out my review here.
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  1. elisabeth says:

    I made this with goats milk instead and added 2 bananas and it was too liquidy I just put it in his sippy cup he loved it still

    • Yes, I’ve found I have to use a thicker yogurt, like Greek yogurt. Also, if I blend it all together in the blender it gets too watery. So I make the purée separately then stir it together. I need to update the post to reflect my experiences with it over the years!


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