{Fashion Friday} Boho Baby Chic

Check out these cute little boho-inspired baby and toddler girl outfits for spring and summer! I’m so in love with spring fashion for little ones, but especially girls. I’ve had the hardest time not purchasing every single thing I see that I love now that I now we’re having a girl (!), especially since I know that she’ll live in onesies and kimono shirts for the first 8-12 weeks, and then we’ll be hitting fall. Boo. Oh, well. It hasn’t stopped me from snapping up toddler-sized cuteness that I’ll have to wait an entire YEAR to see her in.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the bibs are from my own Etsy shop Will&Tess. But I had soooo much fun making them and styling them for this photo shoot, I just had to share the outfits that I bought (and wish I’d bought!).

Boho Baby Chic!


  1. Congrats on your little girl! I miss your posts on FB. Glad you are all doing well.

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