Recipe: Slushy Banana Melon Puree

banana-melon-pureeSummer time is heating up and it’s hot hot hot! My little Monster is gobbling up watermelon like nobody’s business. But it’s not the easiest snack to throw in the diaper bag and administer on the go. Watermelon is really… well, watery. So I thickened up the puree with some banana and threw in some cantaloupe for good measure.

I stow my homemade baby food pouches in the freezer until I’m ready to thaw them and let the Monster feast. That’s how I stumbled onto the best way to serve this recipe.

FROZEN. Not frozen solid, obviously. But nice and slushy. It’s a perfect hot summer day treat, especially if your little is teething or spending the day outside. I toss the frozen pouch into my diaper bag and serve it to my guy nice and slushy. It starts to melt and slush up pretty fast just from being out of the freezer.

An important note about cantaloupes: you need to scrub the heck out of the outside of them before slicing into them. The surface can contain harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria (you might remember that listeria outbreak a while back in cantaloupe; that came from improper washing). You also shouldn’t refrigerate it for more than 3 days before eating it.

Slushy Banana Melon Puree


1 banana
1 cup of watermelon chunks
1 cup of cantaloupe chunks


Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. If desired, transfer to baby food pouches or freezer-safe container and freeze.

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