Recipe: Mommy & Me Smoothies

20130424-121411.jpgOne sunny Saturday, my little family stopped by Jamba Juice after a trip to our local farmers market. I was pleased as punch to see an apple and kale smoothie on the menu. Yum. Kale is one of my favorites. I was even more surprised when my 11-month-old Monster grabbed my straw and started sucking it down.

That baby totally bogarted my smoothie.

I was not thrilled to learn that particular smoothie had 58g of sugar in it. Yeah. Luckily, we make a lot of smoothies at home. I’m not sure why I never thought to give the Monster any before, but now it’s one of our favorite breakfasts (I serve it with toast or eggs).

You can’t mess up a smoothie, so feel free to experiment with them. I always put some kind of greens in, because why not? So I rotate between spinach and kale. I also haven’t given any dairy to the Monster because he doesn’t handle it well, but you can use regular cow’s milk, or almond milk, or any other milk if you’ve introduced it to your baby already.

This recipe makes enough for one large serving for yourself and one baby-sized serving (probably about 6 ounces). You know, so you don’t have to share.

Mommy & Me Smoothie


1 cup coconut milk (or cow’s milk, almond milk, etc.)
1/2 cup coconut water (or regular water)
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
3 stalks of kale greens, stems removed
1/2 medium green apple, cored and cut into chunks

Combine all ingredients in blender, starting with liquids on the bottom for easier blending. Blend until smooth.

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