Babies, Toddlers and Touch-Screen Time

Photo credit: lynnmarentette via Flickr.

I just finished reading a very interesting (and very long) article in The Atlantic called “The Touch-Screen Generation.” As with all interesting links I find on Facebook, I shared it with my friends. I got a few commenters – none of whom had read the article, but chimed in with pride on limiting their own […]

6 Uncommonly Good Pregnancy Side Effects


I realized after writing my ode to all things wacky in pregnancy that I needed to even the score on pregnancy symptoms a bit. Along side all those tiny little evils (*burp*), there are some really fun aspects of being pregnant. Some you’ve heard of (yep, the glow is real) and others you may not […]

5 Bizarre Things Your Body Does While Pregnant

No more pregnancy photos please

I couldn’t wait to be pregnant… That cute little bump, feeling the baby move, and all those adorable little side effects you see in movies like snoring and craving ice cream and pickles. Bull shiitake. I felt a little betrayed by all my mommy friends (and a few books as well) that had failed to […]

Review: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth is by far and away my favorite book on childbirth! Of all the books I read during my pregnancy (and I read a lot), this one made me feel capable, empowered, and prepared to give birth without drugs or interventions. It’s the number one book I recommend to my […]

Recipe: Copycat Banana Rice & Quinoa Mish Mash


I do give my son commercial baby food on occasion, probably about 4-5 pouches a week. Sometimes it’s to try a new flavor, but usually it’s because I can keep it in my diaper bag for days on end without worrying about refrigeration. (We’re at the point that if I get stuck out longer than […]

Recipe: Kale, Pineapple & Banana Puree


We are huge kale fans in this household. The first time we had kale, my more-worldly best friend from Brooklyn was visiting and like,┬áneeded kale. What a strange thing to need I thought, but then she sauteed up some for us in little more than olive oil. And it was delicious. Flash forward a few […]

Recipe: Brocco-flower Pear Puree


This has been one of my go-to puree recipes for some time now. Whenever I tell people my son’s favorite food, they wrinkle their noses. How ever did I come up with that combination, they ask me. Well, Little Dude loves pears. They were his second food, and despite his initial reaction (BEST. FACE. EVER.), […]

Review: Infantino Squeeze Station and Pouches


I am in love with these fillable pouches for homemade baby food from Infantino! You whip up your own baby food purees, fill the tubes with it, and plunge it down into 4-ounce BPA-free pouches. Screw on the sturdy plastic cap and write the date and name of the puree and voila! Gourmet baby food […]

Recipe: Spiced Apple Raisin Quinoa Puree


This is one of my son’s absolute favorite purees. Many of my recipes are um… inspired by commercial baby food purees. This particular one took me a few tries to nail down, but I finally got it. I added some apple pie-like spice to it with the addition of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. If your […]