{Fashion Friday} Boho Baby Chic


Check out these cute little boho-inspired baby and toddler girl outfits for spring and summer! I’m so in love with spring fashion for little ones, but especially girls. I’ve had the hardest time not purchasing every single thing I see that I love now that I now we’re having a girl (!), especially since I […]

6 Reasons to Make Your Own Baby Food

Why Homemade Baby Food

I post a lot of baby food recipes, so I assume most of the folks who visit Gen Y Mommy are already sold on the whole make-your-own-baby-food thing. But maybe you’re not. Maybe it sounds like a nice idea, but it’s just not high on your list of things you want to do. After all, […]

Recipe: Pear-spinach-peach toddler yogurt

homemade baby yogurt

My toddler would eat nothing but yogurt all day long if I let him. Well, interspersed with some fresh berries of course. Recently, our grocery store had a serious shortage of our favorite organic toddler yogurt though. [Insert Cold War-era panic alarm here.] It was tough times. It turns out Stonyfield was coming out with […]

Recipe: Stone Fruit, Zucchini and Thyme Baby Food


It’s here! It’s here! I am such a fool for what I affectionately refer to as stone fruit season. Sure, it’s peach season. And peaches are lovely stone fruits, don’t get me wrong. But people – apricots. Nectarines. Plums, for crying out loud! There are red plums, black plums, gold plum. And then all those […]

Recipe: Slow-Carb Stuffed Peppers

slow carb stuffed peppers

My husband started on the slow carb kick last year, and it became a challenge to figure out how to make food that I enjoyed and he could eat. I’ve actually never been a fan of cooked peppers (my mom used to put them in her spaghetti sauce, which we ate on a weekly basis, […]

Spiced Carrot Raisin Baby Food Puree

Squash, Carrot, Avocado Baby Food

I just love fall. I feel like everything should be spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves… well, with anything really. So that’s what I was thinking when I decided to put this little twist on that lunch-line staple of carrot raisin salad. Actually, I thought that stuff looked disgusting, mostly because I hated raisins. I […]

Recipe: Plum Banana & Oats Baby Food

Plum banana and oats baby food

I am sooooo in love with these gorgeous black plums I’m finding in the produce section now that it’s summer. Whether or not you buy organic for plums is up to you. They aren’t part of the notorious Dirty Dozen (the top 12 dirtiest fruits and vegetables in terms of pesticides), but they’re #18 on […]

Recipe: Copycat Apple & Sweet Potato Baby Yogurt

copycat apple and sweet potato baby yogurt

Confession: I love my toddler’s yogurt. I mean, love love it. Want to marry it. And have yogurt babies with it. Well, maybe not that much. But I am pretty stoked on the rare occasion he doesn’t polish it off because it means I get to. And it means I’m not reduced to licking the […]

Recipe: Slushy Banana Melon Puree


Summer time is heating up and it’s hot hot hot! My little Monster is gobbling up watermelon like nobody’s business. But it’s not the easiest snack to throw in the diaper bag and administer on the go. Watermelon is really… well, watery. So I thickened up the puree with some banana and threw in some […]

Recipe: Mommy & Me Smoothies


One sunny Saturday, my little family stopped by Jamba Juice after a trip to our local farmers market. I was pleased as punch to see an apple and kale smoothie on the menu. Yum. Kale is one of my favorites. I was even more surprised when my 11-month-old Monster grabbed my straw and started sucking […]