Recipe: Copycat Apple & Sweet Potato Baby Yogurt

copycat apple and sweet potato baby yogurtConfession: I love my toddler’s yogurt. I mean, love love it. Want to marry it. And have yogurt babies with it. Well, maybe not that much. But I am pretty stoked on the rare occasion he doesn’t polish it off because it means I get to. And it means I’m not reduced to licking the empty container. Which I never do. Ahem.

I’m a fanatical label-reader, as both a new mom and someone with multiple allergies to things that companies just love dumping into processed foods for no good reason. So I was dismayed to see cane sugar as an ingredient in my baby’s yogurt. I mean, it’s baby yogurt. Apples are sweet already. Do we really need extra sugar?

So I set out to get as close as possible to the actual taste and texture of my his favorite yogurt. Turns out it’s pretty easy! Lately I keep soft solid foods ready to go in the fridge, so that the Monster always has finger foods available. Unlike many of my friends, I do not have a problem with my child refusing food. The kid eats constantly. I’m sure I’ll get my come-uppance one day and he’ll suddenly turn on me and all my fun healthy foods, but in the meantime I’m like a boy scout – always prepared.

That’s my long way of saying I already had baked sweet potatoes. I did not, however, have any apples, so I used pears, which didn’t really affect the flavor at all. Pears don’t need to be cooked either since they’re already soft. Hey, one less step. No complaints here.

I used Fage Greek yogurt this time, which is not organic. I don’t know how I didn’t realize that before now. Next time I’ll go with an organic yogurt though because your dairy really ought to be organic. Try to find whole milk yogurt too, since all that fat is good for baby. (Here’s a really good article from Dr Sears on when to switch from whole to 2% milk.)

This recipe makes three 4-ounce servings, plus a little bowl on the side for you your baby to eat immediately. I used my handy dandy Infantino Squeeze pouches… we’ll see how the yogurt holds up in the freezer. I’m hoping it’s like those Go-Gurt things you can just freeze because feeding my super-helpful 14-month-old son yogurt is a messy endeavor, and the pouches would be really great on the go. I’ll report back with the results.

Copycat Sweet Potato and Apple Toddler Yogurt


1 organic pear, cut into chunks (peeled if you prefer) or 1 organic apple, steamed and cut into chunks (peeled if you prefer)
1/2 sweet potato, baked and cut into chunks
6 oz organic whole milk yogurt


Combine sweet potato and apples or pears in food processor and blend until smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add yogurt and blend until combined.

*What are these cool pouches I use? They are the pouches from Infantino’s Fresh Squeezed line. Check out my review here.


  1. How did it freeze? Currently making A TON of baby food and would love to hear your results!


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